Our Unique Sprint Programme Explained

We allow clients to opt for a sprint approach, which drastically reduces the time required for executing the project. The print approach relies on intensive involvement from the client, especially at the start of the process.

Kickstart on Friday

We start all sprints on a Friday and the entire sprint takes place at our offices. We will invite you to come in around 9AM and will start the day with a strategy session. We then call in the entire team and divide the work during a brief meeting.

In the course of the day we will then present deliverables to the client, including logo designs, stock photos, website templates, word & powerpoint templates, the strategic roadmap and anything else included in the project.  Therefore, it is vital that all decision makers are physically present at our office during the day.


We will then send you back home with a list of things we require from your side, which is usually content. We will ask you to work on those over the weekend and supply us with the materials on Monday morning. That allows us to move forward with the deliverables without delay.


During the days that follow we ask you to stay available on email and revert quickly with materials and decisions we require. We will then invite you to come back on Wednesday afternoon to review the deliverables and provide us with feedback. By close of business on Thursday we aim to have completed the sprint and supplied you with all the finalised materials.


Are you interested in closely collaborating with us to get your project done in a week? Then contact us…