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How Google Will Grow Your Business

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How Google Will Grow Your Business

How Google Will Grow Your Business

Search Engine Advertising, or SEA for short, is a concept most business owners have heard of, but have no experience with and don’t know how it could potentially benefit their business. The NIMBLER Search team consists of solely certified Google AdWords specialists, meaning we work with Google to ensure clients are found for important search terms in the search engine results. That drives traffic to your website, and with a proper website that will lead to conversions (i.e. enquiries or sales).

Our search specialists ensure return on investment by only using carefully selected keywords, targeting only your target areas, and optimising your budget by finding a mix between a high ranking (and therefore higher cost per click), and maximizing the number of clicks at a lower ranking.

This is all good and well, but what exactly does search engine advertising mean and entail? SEA refers to making use of advertising programmes like Google AdWords in order to increase the amount of visitors to a specific website by paying for a high-ranking placement within search results. By carefully scripting adverts that match the keywords sought by searchers, as well as aligning your landing pages with the relevant keyword, you pay less per click and reach a higher quality audience, thereby increasing conversions thus sales.

A crucial part of any advertising is gathering, analysing and evaluating statistics. Our campaign analysis is centered on monitoring and analysing the behaviour and trends of the website visitors, as well as key metrics directly pertaining to the campaign (i.e. keywords, adverts, settings), in order to measure and improve your Return on Investment (ROI).

Meanwhile, remarketing has become an increasingly important aspect of any campaign strategy. Remarketing aims to get people back to the website after they left it, giving them another opportunity to convert to a lead. We do so using the Google Display Network, which means we track visitors who have previously visited your website, and show them your advert on a huge variety of websites.

Through these various tools and techniques, we ensure your target audience can easily find you within search results, driving brand awareness and reaching sales goals. It has allowed us to grow business, including our own, in an unprecedented way.

Interested in working with NIMBLER Search to put you on the preverbal Search-map? Then get in touch with us today!