Clear Skies for Cloud Technology

It has come as no surprise that we are living in a technologically advanced and driven world. Nonetheless, many businesses barely scratch the surface of what is possible using the internet, and what has now been dubbed ‘the cloud’.

The cloud is the result of both individuals and business moving their data from local hard drives into clouds of servers all over the world. Data storage has gotten cheaper, and so has data connectivity, creating an opportunity for people to stop carrying around data as if they were paper, and rather make them available anytime, anywhere from any device.

As a result, our tech junkies got eager to offer cloud based solutions for the daily business operations of our clients, so that even on a sunny day you will be able to access any aspect of your business. There is a cloud based solutions for every department or function in your business, including sales, marketing, HR, project management, accounting, business intelligence and much more.

The cloud eliminates the need for daily backups, or being hurt by viruses, ransomware and other malware. There is also no need for software updates anymore, since the solution is accessed via your web browser, every time the solution provider updates something, you will just see the updated version.

Just as technology advances, we assist our clients to advance to greater heights through the use of easily accessible, affordable technology. Whether you are unsure of which solution to choose, how to implement that solution, how it will work together with your existing systems, or training with regards to the solution, our team at NIMBLER Technology will assist you.

Many times clients still question whether or not cloud based technologies should become an integral part of their business; naming security concerns and costs as possible risks. However, at NIMBLER we work with a variety of cloud based technologies on a subscription basis, making it far more affordable, and only work with solutions from reputable software companies with a focus on security and ease of use.

Let us help you to empower everybody in your business, making data accessible as, where and when needed. Get in touch with us today!