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We always try to push the boundaries in terms of implementing technology in our business. We have cloud solutions for anything from file storage to proposals, accounting, project management and client communication. We have now pushed a new boundary with

Diana Kander offers a fresh perspective on innovation, challenging the conventional approach to the concept. This new approach - as proposed by Ms. Kander - is unique, insightful and backed by some fitting real-world examples.

We allow clients to opt for a sprint approach, which drastically reduces the time required for executing the project. The print approach relies on intensive involvement from the client, especially at the start of the process. Kickstart on Friday We start all sprints

Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn play an increasingly important role in a brand's online presence. In South Africa alone Facebook is used by 13 million people and Twitter 7.4 million people. Other platforms, like YouTube (8.28 million)