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The Linchpin: Content, Content, Content

The godfather of modern marketing, Seth Godin, puts it this way: “Content marketing is the only marketing left.” And content is where the problem always came in for us, up to now that is! Because this week NIMBLER is launching it’s newest (and 7th) division: NIMBLER Content.

We’ve always worked with a lot of freelancers, like photographers, videographers, video animators, copywriters, editors and proofreaders. We’re now bringing them into the fold and will start offering their services through this new division.


We have heard it a thousand times: “A professional photographer is too expensive for me, let’s rather use some stock photos for now.” Time and time again it results in a website that just feels a bit more generic and less personal than it should be.

That’s now changing, because with a full in-house studio setup we can now handle people, product and landscape photography and anything in between at more affordable rates, allowing you to hire a professional photographer to take those photos.


Up to now we’ve only handled animated videos, which is great to explain a complex concept, but not suitable for everybody. Sometimes you need a professional company video with interviews, shots on your premises and testimonials from clients.

Together with our friends at Jet Black London we will now also be offering those sort of videos, shot with their state-of-the-art equipment, and amazing editing skills.


Text, or ‘copy’ as it’s known in the business, is the main cause of delayed website launches. Clients often find it difficult to put their ideas on paper simply and concisely, and aren’t always confident about their spelling and grammar.

There’s no need for that anymore now though, because we now have a team of professional copywriters, editors and proofreaders who can help you write or polish your texts.


Do you need new photos, an amazing company video, or does your website copy need a bit of polishing? Then contact us now for a quote!