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The 6 Best Work-from-Home Solutions

Amidst the COVID-19 crisis an increasing number of people are asked to work from home. While for some employers that’s perfectly normal, for others it brings with it a profound loss of control and productivity. We’ve been ‘in the cloud’ for years, allowing our team to work remotely, which is why we put together a list of the 6 best solutions you can implement to allow your staff to work from home productively.

1. Internal Communication

Perhaps the most challenging facet of working from home is the inability just to walk over and speak to one of your colleagues about something. That’s easy to overcome though, by implementing an excellent internal communication solution. Ideally, you use a solution here that integrates with your other operational systems, such as your project management solution. Great solutions include Slack, Teamwork Chat, Chanty, Flock, Facebook Workplace and many more.

2. Virtual Meetings

Your business partners will still want to meet with you, and phone calls don’t always cut it. A good virtual meeting solution is super important, both for internal and external meetings. They allow you to speak and see one another, share your screen and have a meeting with small groups of people. Perhaps most importantly, you need good compression of sound and video to make sure there’s no lag. Good solutions include Zoom, Skype Business, WhereBy and many more.

3. Time Tracking & Employee Monitoring

For most employers the loss of control and productivity can be traumatic and put their business in jeopardy. By installing a time tracking tool on your staff’s computers you allow them to log their time and, if you like, regularly take screenshots while they are working. The best solutions also monitor use of software and websites so you can see what the person is working on, and provide you with concise reports. Great solutions include HubStaff, Harvest, Time Doctor, Toggl, Tsheets, and many more.

4. Cloud Storage

We’re going to assume you already keep some files in the cloud. The need for a proper cloud storage solution increases when people are forced to work from home though. In it’s most basic form you can share files and folders with team members, providing ample options for access control. In a more elaborate setup you’re able to collaborate on documents as well. Basic solutions include Dropbox and LiveDrive, whereas more advanced solutions like Office365, IceWarp and Google Gsuite go a step further. Importantly, make sure your staff’s computers have proper anti-malware and anti-virus solutions to protect your files.

5. Operational Solutions

This one is a little different for each business, but by far the most important. This solution allows you to organise the operations in your business. In your office it may look like a whiteboard with a schedule, or a diary, or a spreadsheet. Perhaps it’s just a list of priorities in somebody’s head. Whatever the case, remote working requires a cloud-based operational solution that everybody has access to. In our case, it’s Teamwork that allows us to organise our work. In the past we used the super-flexible Podio solution, and there are countless others, often specifically developed for your industry.

6. Support Solutions

The best solution we implemented recently at NIMBLER is our new support or helpdesk solution. We got rid of personal emails entirely, which are very hard to monitor on any sort of scale, and replaced it with a solution that turns your emails into tickets. Those tickets are then assigned to the relevant person, handled by them, a reply is sent out and the status is updated.

It allows us to share internal notes to collaborate on tickets, use canned (i.e. ready-made) replies and integrates with our operational system to turn tickets into tasks. We reckon it saves us about 40-50% of the time we normally spent handling emails. Good support solutions include Zendesk, Teamwork Desk, Freshdesk, AzureDesk and many more.

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