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Our Own Brand Refresh

We were happy with our logo, and colours, but the NIMBLER brand needed a refresh. We moved offices, are slowly moving into a higher segment of the market, and we felt like getting a little creative. So, we decided to do a brand refresh for ourselves.

About Brand Refreshes

A brand refresh involves updating and refreshing the brand, without making significant changes. The example we like to give is that you wouldn’t necessarily immediately have to reprint your business cards, brochures or letterhead, but you’ll definitely notice the difference and can see the brand is evolving.

Why Do a Refresh

There’s plenty of reasons to do a brand refresh. In our case we like to show off our team and people to portray a genuine image of who you’re dealing with, and since a lot of that has changed over time we decided to do a little refresh. Clients sometimes ask us to do a brand refresh if they’re not happy with their brand anymore, but don’t have the budget available to do a full rebrand, which would require you to update the logo everywhere.

What Do You Refresh

You can redesign as much or as little as you like. We start by designing new brand graphics, which is everything that’s part of your brand that’s not the logo. That may include textures, patterns, icons, photos etc. After that’s done we commonly redesign:

  • Stationery
  • Document templates
  • Website
  • Email signatures
  • Social media profiles

Interested in a Refresh?

Is your brand ready for a refresh or redesign? Then get in touch!