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How to efficiently manage your social media presence

Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn play an increasingly important role in a brand’s online presence. In South Africa alone Facebook is used by 13 million people and Twitter 7.4 million people. Other platforms, like YouTube (8.28 million) and Instagram (2.68 million) are also growing rapidly. Serious businesses professionalise their social profiles and put capable people in place to administer them.

Content marketing calendar

We assist our clients with putting together a content marketing calendar that contains when something should be published on which platforms. In includes posts for all major holidays, major events for the client itself, industry news and more.

Social media management

Who wants to wake up on Christmas morning and wish their clients a merry Christmas? Or publish a post on the evening of 31st of December to wish them a great New Year? Not us, and we imagine you don’t want to either, which is why we use advanced social media management solutions to schedule such posts well in advance. That way you’re always current and relevant without the trouble of always having to be publishing.

Not a monologue

Social media is 2-way communication – not the monologue many brands think it is – so somebody needs to monitor what is being said and reply accordingly. We can monitor your social media profiles and depending on the type of feedback either reply ourselves or ask you to reply. We monitor all your social media profiles during office hours and aim to reply within 2 hours.