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Our Team

We are a mix of veterans and emerging stars, artists, news junkies, tinkerers, strategists, conversationalists and web addicts. We believe in good conversation, a healthy commitment to our work and working on projects we can get excited about.

Jeffrey de Visser

Managing Director

Grant Lach

Manager @ Digital

Kego Maake

Manager @ Creative

Tom Elżbieciak

UI Designer @ Digital

Vusi Segudla

Graphic Designer @ Creative

Nikita Blaauw

Content Manager @ Social

Lungelo Yende

Graphic Designer @ Creative

Milana van Zyl

Content Manager @ Social

Shane Ah-Dong

Trainee @ Search

Vivienne Geyser

Trainee @ Creative

Emily Mohale

Facility Manager

Savannah & Zuard

Office Distractors