NIMBLER was founded by the fans of common sense, storytellers and creative visionaries who want to work with clients who are open to innovation, appreciate work that works hard and who like to have a little fun along the way.
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General Questions

What sort of projects do you take on?

We love working on projects we can make a big difference, such as rebranding, a new business venture or revitalising an existing business. Those are the type of projects we really shine because we can involve all the business units within the NIMBLER Group and get the whole team involved. We do, however, also take on smaller projects and deliverables.

What sort of clients do you work with?

We work across all industries, business sizes and locations. However, we tend to do well in B2B markets, including the real estate industry, financial industry and with groups of companies. It’s safe to say we have done at least one project in your industry in the past.

I have a small budget, will you be able to help me?

We pride ourselves in being able to work within most budgets. We have a variety of options available for almost all services we offer, allowing you to prioritize certain facets of the project without excluding them altogether. For example, our cheapest website offer starts at R5900, but we also regularly quote for custom designed and developed websites or advanced e-commerce solutions up to ten times that amount. That flexibility allows us to assist a wide variety of clients.

I have a tight deadline, how quick are you?

Budget and timeline are our two primary concerns for any project, so it’s important we clarify expectations in that regard from the very beginning. We have assisted clients with short timelines in the past, which we don’t have a problem with, but we don’t allow it to compromise ongoing work. So, speak to us about the time we can allocate to your project and we’ll try our very best to accommodate.

I'm interested, what now?

We prefer to first sit down to discuss your business and project. That allows us to see what and who will be involved. Based on that we’ll prepare proposals for you, outlining both the services, workflow and cost involved. If you don’t know where to start, just phone 012 004 0066 or email us on

About Our Services

Why should we involve you for development of our strategies?

Firstly, because if we understand your business and industry intimately, the results that come out of our kitchen are infinitely better. Secondly, because a fresh perspective on your business will aid you tremendously in deciding what to do next. And lastly, because having an overarching strategy will give your business direction and purpose.

Why do I need project management from your side?

Our project management offer only applies to complicated projects for which we helped develop the strategy. Essentially, it means we side with you as the client and act on your behalf to make the project a success. We work with people within your organisation, our own and even third parties. The goal is to align execution (i.e. the final results) with the strategy we developed with you.

Do you only develop new brands or also redesign existing brands?

We offer both. We redesign or refresh existing brands, and also develop new brands. For existing brands it’s important we put in place a Brand Strategy to understand in what direction we should take the brand.

What sort of websites do you offer?

All our websites are responsive, search engine friendly and easy to manage. Most of our websites run on WordPress, which is a commonly used Content Management System (CMS). For e-commerce websites we prefer WordPress with WooCommerce, OpenCart or Magento. We offer both template-based and custom-designed website, as well as an innovative hybrid that combines the best of both.

Can you help me get traffic to my website?

Yes we can. We have a wealth of online marketing strategies available to us to do that, such as social media, search engine marketing, display marketing and email marketing. We recommend doing a Strategy Session to figure out what will work for your business.