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About us

NIMBLER was founded by the fans of common sense, storytellers and creative visionaries wanting to work with clients who are open to innovation, appreciate work that works hard, and who don't mind a little fun every now and then.

We’re a full-service, digital-first agency that acts as a strategic marketing partner to drive innovation.


What can you do for me?

Whether you’re starting a new business, want to grow your business, launch a new product, or take your business to the next level; our agency expertise and collective experience allow us to become an invaluable strategic partner for you.

Why should I go with NIMBLER?

With seven divisions under one roof, a varied team of about 12 people and over 12 years experience, we’re able to assist virtually every business. We work with founders of tech startups from conception, right up to some of the biggest corporates in South Africa.

Who is NIMBLER as a company?

We have deep and wide roots; we were founded in 2006 in the Netherlands, and in 2013 expanded to South Africa. Nevertheless, we have clients on almost all continents and work across all industries. We are a collaborative agency with a small core team of ambitious young marketing professionals, plus some trainees and lot of freelancers all over the world. We are a certified Google Partner, VAT registered and are a BBBEE level 4 organisation.

An experienced partner.

With over 12 years experience we are a partner that brings expertise to the table.

Full scope.

Our focus is on assisting clients with full scope projects, from conception to completion.

Digital-first strategies.

Our primary focus for any strategy is on marketing and branding in the digital space.

Result oriented.

Our focus is on your Return On Investment and achieving your goals.

Young & innovative.

Our team is young, dynamic, diverse and innovative – exactly what you need.

International & local.

We are trusted by clients on almost all continents, with a focus on South Africa.