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Our Unique Sprint Programme Explained

We allow clients to opt for a sprint approach, which drastically reduces the time required for executing the project. The print approach relies on intensive involvement from the client, especially at the start of the process. Kickstart on Friday We start all sprints on a Friday and the entire sprint takes place at our offices. We will invite you to come in around 9AM and will start the day with a strategy session. We then call in the entire team and divide the work during a brief meeting. In the course of the day we will then present deliverables to the client, including logo designs, stock photos, website templates, word & powerpoint...

NIMBLER introduces 4 new internship programs. Read more about our approach to Internships.

NIMBLER has introduced 4 new internship programs aimed at providing opportunities to young people in the marketing industry.


“We get at least two applications a week from people looking for an internship in the marketing industry, often unpaid just looking for experience,” says Jeffrey de Visser, Director of the Digital division at NIMBLER Group. “We decided we had to do something to provide young people with the experience they needed…”

Our New Client Portal

We have launched a new client portal, allowing us to give all our clients live status updates on their projects. They can even send us support requests, start a live chat, edit their information and upload files. Deliverable status When you’re logged in you’ll see your deliverables in the column on the right split by NIMBLER division - click on their titles to get more details, like progress, status, urgency and billing status. At the bottom of each deliverable you can also leave us a message or upload files. Support requests & live chat Using the icons at the right-top clients can start a chat or send us a support request, which will allow us to deal...

Using Virtual Reality to Drive Innovation in the Property Industry

Mostly associated with gaming, virtual reality and 360 is slowly emerging as a powerful means of engagement explored by various brands. As a tool, virtual reality along with 360 videos can enable all kinds of different experiences, having been adopted by businesses in the commerce, education and training, to entertainment industries. The property Industry has been one of the industries driving the adopting virtual reality and 360 videos, reinventing the way agents and brokers engage with their consumers. The real estate industry has seen little innovation and development over the years. While we had seen the digital landscape change and evolve, the property viewing process has very...

Evolution of Famous Brands

First impressions are lasting. This couldn’t be more accurate for brands, as the brand logo is the first point of reference in the minds of consumers.   There is a constant need for Brands evolve over time to remain current and relevant within the market.  A Brand's identity is an important part of your strategy. It is a representation of your business; it says everything about what the product wants to be and how you would like to be perceived in the market.  Therefore, whether you are in the process of creating a new product or are considering rebranding, it is important to think about brand identity, design...

Crowdfunding for Toolz4Teenz

Toolz4Teenz is a new Australian-based business that aims to help teenagers deal with the issues they face in life. They're developing an online platform that will help teens, parents and teachers. They, however, require funding to develop their platform, which is why NIMBLER is assisting with the setup of things for their crowdfunding campaign. Video We developed a 1-minute explainer video to promote the concept. Interested to contribute? If you're interested in contributing to their campaign to establish this valuable tool that aims to change the lives of teenagers in South Africa and Australia, please let us know....

Branding & Websites for Groups of Companies

Groups of companies, consortia, franchisors, corporations, conglomerates or holding companies - all organisations that consist of different entities, often different brands and almost always different marketing strategies. It doesn't matter whether you're a financial institution or construction company - you're going to need a tailor-made marketing solution. A Specialist in Groups Websites for Groups of Companies are different from regular websites - they are more complex and brand strategy becomes a key issue. Over the years we have worked on the online marketing strategy of many consortia and other groups of companies, thus making us a bit of a specialist in the field. We develop Brand Strategies specifically...

The Quantum Mechanics of Business and Brand Development

Being able to identify the forces that attract consumers to a particular business or brand, is vital to its success. Especially in todays cluttered market, where competition is rife and product differentiation, minimal.

So whom do we follow? Opinion leaders, friends and colleagues or market data? This can be especially challenging, as there are many contributing factors in ones decision-making process. By it’s very nature, these decisions involve some sort of rationale influenced by some criteria or emotional factors.


What is a Brand?

A brand is more than a logo or icon. It’s an experience!

A brand can incorporate many touch points:

  • Customer service
  • Packaging
  • Advertising
  • Quality of products and services

The old adage goes – first impressions are lasting. This can’t be truer for brands. Any way in which a consumer comes into contact with a brand or business is a touch point that can affect consumer perceptions.