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Digital Develops Housing Investment Partners’ (HiP) Website

Marketing Agency INDIV has recently presented Housing Investment Partners’ (HiP) state-of-the-art website. HiP offers housing loans and is part of Old Mutual and the National Housing Finance Corporation (NHFC). The website boasts a user friendly affordability calculator and has an out-of-the-box design that is also mobile friendly. INDIV has also re-engineered the HiP brand with an impressive range of custom-designed animations.

Achieving Strategic Objectives

“Is the consideration of the key fundamental goals you wish to accomplish in every aspect of your design process. At INDIV we believe it is not about simply designing a user interface that looks good and is usable, but designing an interface that will ultimately assist you in achieving your strategic objectives.”, says Jeffrey de Visser, Founder & CEO at Pretoria-based marketing agency INDIV.


A User-Friendly Affordability Calculator

To convey the concept as easily as possible we incorporated a function that would allows consumers to do research to find what they would qualify for. We incorporated a calculator module that easily and efficiently provides the consumer with an estimation as to how much financing they would qualify for based on their monthly income.


Educating Your Visitors

HiP is a good example of a website that must educating viewers about what your product is, how it works and the benefits it offers. It also makes the best use of the very limited amount of attention visitors will give your website by not only informing but focusing on what the objectives of the website is and building on that.

Creating a Brand Identity

We aimed to design something that is fresh and unique yet aligned with their existing brand identity. For HiP it was not only important to create brand awareness but also take into consideration their organisational objective, which is to provide an accessible and affordable home financing solution to the lower to middle segment of the market.

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