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We Develop Blueberry Property Management’s Website

Pretoria-based marketing agency INDIV has launched Blueberry Property Management’s new website. Since Blueberry Group has a wide range of subsidiaries in different industries the website consists of several different ‘sub-sites’. INDIV has also re-branded Blueberry Group to reflect the innovative, successful company that it is.

The Need to Rebrand

The fear of being regarded left behind has always resulted in the spontaneous decision to rebrand. While a company’s brand is crucial to sustained growth, survival and recognition of the business within the market, rebranding is never the go-to decision in response to changing market dynamics. The strategy behind it is crucial.


A decision was made to align all the “loose” brands under a umbrella brand and position themselves higher in the market, thus creating a group structure – Blueberry Group. By so doing all these “loose” brands would be assembled under one umbrella, all sharing in the same brand purpose – i.e.: a singular vision and mission – creating a unified visual identity and ultimately contributing to a stronger portfolio brands.

Blueberry Group

The Group Brand

Before these were all single brands, tied to no unifying brand promise or identity. As a result of the new brand strategy we have assisted in creating a stronger brand identity, sub-brands now are more recognisable as being part of the group. In making sure this strategy is successful we understood that alignment was only the start, we had to also ensure that each brand complimented the others. Blueberry’s rebranding will ultimately create a stronger brand presence and recognition in the minds of consumers.

blueberry business card

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