NIMBLER was founded by the fans of common sense, storytellers and creative visionaries who want to work with clients who are open to innovation, appreciate work that works hard and who like to have a little fun along the way.
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Jeffrey de Visser

At age 17 I started my first business, a webdesign agency, in the Netherlands. I successfully ran this company while studying, slowly transforming it into a full-service digital marketing agency called INDIV. In 2012, I graduated with two business degrees from Universities in the Netherlands and the United States.

Soon afterwards I left Europe to travel around Africa where I drove over 58,000 kilometres in a Land Rover and visited 32 African countries. During this journey I visited microfinance projects as an ambassador for Wakibi and uncovered a number of business opportunities in the African market.

Afterwards INDIV became active in both European and African markets and I moved to South Africa. In 2014 I launched Blueboard, which offers website financing to small businesses. Early 2015, strategy consultancy NIMBLER became my latest venture, this time together with business partner Brigitta Jordaan. In February 2016 INDIV merged with NIMBLER to form NIMBLER Group.

Brigitta Jordaan

A sports loving and travel enthusiast, I completed my degree in Brand Building and Management at Vega. In my view, a simple one - we are all part of a greater Corporation, the world. By sharing ideas and strategies, we can ensure this corporation has a positive year-on-year growth. Adopting the continuous development philosophy that is so important in our industry, I also completed my part-time Honours degree in Strategic Brand Communication, at Vega.

Early 2015 I embarked on my maiden venture in collaboration with Jeffrey de Visser, developing and implementing the NIMBLER business model and operations management framework. The idea behind it initially stemmed from my entrepreneurial mind and passion - assisting entrepreneurs, startups, and smaller owner-managed businesses realise their success.

What I love most about what I do? Strategy is what drives me and my passion for business and brand development. I love developing, collaborating and seeking out challenges to innovate.

The strategic direction allows a business to create and manage the narrative of a particular brand and business, instilling the message it intends to convey to its audience base - making it more tangible, relatable and most importantly, unforgettable. At the end of the day, brand and business strategy is all about connecting the with their unique and distinctive audiences.

Throughout my career I seek for opportunities and challenges that will stimulate curiosity, growth and understanding. As someone not waivered by a challenge but actively seeks it out to improve my skills and expertise.

Kego Maake

I’m a graphic designer, who has experience of delivering creative, graphic concepts. Im detail-oriented, and have an immense creative flair.

During my time in University i was given opportunities to enhance my skills as a designer. It is through these experiences that I was able to develop concepts and create graphic design solutions from concept to completion. In 2016, i landed a job as a freelance designer for NIMBLER group where i was responsible for thinking creatively to produce new ideas and concepts, estimating the time required to complete the work for clients and working with a range of media.This experience re-affirmed my passion for graphic design. To this end, i have been appointed as a full time Creative Director for NIMBLER group.

I am very responsive to taking directions and applying them to produce highly conceptual designs. The drive to become a better designer is only surpassed by my passion for learning.

During my free time i'm probably hanging around with my friends, playing basketball but mostly i live to design, draw and listening to good music.